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Notice to Mariners – 2017 & 2016

A Notice to Mariner is issued to advice mariners of any significant dangers to navigation, changes or corrections that may require updating of AUS nautical charts and related publications. NMSA notice to mariners complements the Australian Notice to Mariners of the Australian Hydrographic Service.

Below is the list of all 2017 & 2016 notices.


Date Area Location Description Chart Number
14/12/2017 Coral Sea Metocean Survey Ntm16 (T)
20/11/2017 Huon Gulf Installation of Fish Aggregating Devices Aus 523 Ntm15
02/11/2017 Coral Sea Metocean Survey Ntm14 (T)
05/10/2017 Kulungi Roadstead Light is UNLIT Aus 674 and Aus 677 Ntm13
28/09/2017 Fairfax Harbour Reclamation and Construction Works completed Aus 622 Ntm12
27/04/2017 Fairfax Harbour; Douglas Harbour Dredging Operations completed; Light is restored Aus 622; Aus 521 and Aus 522 Ntm10-11
06/04/2017 Huon Gulf Mariners are advised to navigate with caution. AUS643 Ntm09
06/04/2017 Buka Passage Madehas Island – Light is UNLIT AUS399 & AUS684 Ntm08
06/04/2017 Stettin Bay Buluma East – Light is restored AUS396, AUS547 & AUS674 Ntm07
23/03/2017 Caution Bay R2B – Change in light position AUS647 Ntm06
23/03/2017 Stettin Bay Buluma East – Light is UNLIT AUS396, AUS547 & AUS674 Ntm05
23/03/2017 Douglas Harbour Cape Ward Hunt – Light is UNLIT AUS521 & AUS522 Ntm04
23/03/2017 Vabukori Kila Rear – Light is UNLIT AUS505 & AUS621 Ntm03
19/01/2017 Gulf of Papua Seismic Survey Operations Completed Ntm02
19/01/2017 Gulf of Papua Survey & under water operations completed Ntm01
15/12/2016 Madehas Island Light relit AUS684 Ntm62
02/12/2016 Nassau Bay Derelict vessel updated position AUS523 Ntm61
01/12/2016 xVitiaz Strait Derelict vessel AUS386 Ntm60

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