Functions & Responsibility

The Authority’s functions and responsibilities are defined in the NMSA Act 2003 and are summarised under the following headings:

1. Maritime Safety

Ensure a fully – functioning and effective network of maritime navigational aids;Ensure the availability of high – quality, up-to-date navigational charts; Ensure that the vessels meet the safety standards required by PNG’s legislation.

2. Marine Pollution Control

Issue and effort pollution control standards in accordance with international agreements;

3. Corporate Governance – Efficiency, Transparency Accountability and sustainability

Maintain full cost recovery, control costs and ensure efficient and effective management reporting;

Corporate Plan


The organization is ultimately responsible to the Sate Minister for Transport and Civil Aviation. It is run by a Board of eight directors, who are representatives of some of the stakeholders. The day to day operations on the Authority is run by a General Manager and his two Executive Managers, who are in turn responsible for two divisions being Navigation and Safety Services Division and Corporate Services division. The Navigation and Safety Services division is a technical division with six departments, whereas the Corporate Services division has finance/administration, Information Technology, Human Resources and the Legal Department.


NMSA is the autonomous statutory authority responsible for all maritime safety needs of the general public, especially those in isolated coastal communities, the maritime industries and their customers. NMSA also fulfills Papua New Guinea’s obligations under international conventions through implementation of national and international maritime laws

Download the 2008 - 2012 Corporate Plan in PDF format.

NMSA Port Moresby Contact Details

Defense Haus Office
Switch Number: 321 3033

Information Technology Dept
Ph: 321 3033 Fax: 321 0484

Community Dept
Ph: 321 3033 Fax: 321 0484

Search & Rescue Dept
Ph: 321 3033 Fax: 321 0484

Human Resources Dept
Ph: 321 3033 Fax: 321 0484

Ships Safety & Inspection
Ph: 321 3033 Fax: 321 0484

Navigational Aids Dept
Ph: 321 3033 Fax: 321 0484

MMI Building Office:
Switch Number: 321 1244

Accounts Dept
Ph: 321 1244 Fax: 321 0873

Hydrographic Dept
Ph: 321 1244 Fax: 321 0873

Legal Dept
Ph: 321 1244 Fax: 321 0873